What are Best Courses to Learn Docker?

Anupama Singh
2 min readNov 9, 2020

Apps are no longer built and deployed the same way they were used to. In the world of DevOps, where Developers and Operators work together to create, test and deploy apps in the fastest and the most efficient way, Docker plays a very important role.

Docker is a brilliant containerization software, which helps breaks down apps and their environments into small segments that can be stored and deployed with ease. Containerization allows multiple containers (apps + environment + system files) to work seamlessly on one virtual machine without having to share all the resources. This allows us to run several applications in the same virtual machine, where each will behave exactly as if it has its own operation system, memory, CPU, storage and other resources.

Docker is an amazing containerization tool that works on multiple platforms including Linux and even Windows. Their best feature is Docker Swarm, which allows you to divide your application into small, atomic components, each running on one or more containers. The Swarm engine will orchestrate load balancing, revive crashed containers, and coordinate with other Docker hosts.

It might sound all too complicated, but don’t fret it’s not that hard, especially with this course! We’ve specifically designed this course to help you get a hands-on feel for Docker and its abilities. Learning Docker through theory isn’t easy, it tedious and some concepts can go over your head.

Answering your question — What are the best courses available online to learn Docker? and the answer would be Projects in Docker .

What you’ll learn :-

  • Detailed introduction into Docker
  • Docker basics and core concepts
  • A blog web application using the MEAN Stack — MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS.
  • Building a Docker container on one host
  • Creating a Docker Swarm to achieve high availability
  • Make use of Docker Swarm to join multiple Docker hosts to the cluster
  • How to use Ansible to automate Swarm section

Happy Learning With Projects in Docker !!